We choose how our lives pan out.

Yes it’s true and I know a lot of people will find this hard to accept, because when things go wrong it is infinitely more satisfying to blame some body else or some invisible force beyond our control for our misfortunes, rather than face the truth.

Somehow I find it very comforting to know that whatever perceived difficulties I go through in life are entirely due to my thoughts and actions. Now there are some major human challenges and changes in our lives that have been brought into existence by our own volition before we arrived into this dimension but I believe that even they can be made more acceptable by how we see them.

There is a greater understanding to be achieved here before this sense of dilution of life’s traumas can occur. We need to understand that we humans are the ones that have labelled everything and have brought duality into existence. Good, bad, difficult, easy, right, wrong….. all perceptions in the mind of how we see these dualities. That is all they are though, perceptions.

Our souls see everything as an experience, without labels and accepts and even relishes each one, because that is why the soul returns to this dimension in physical form time after time, to gather as many experiences as possible so that we may progress along our path and reach a stage where we no longer need to learn from this earthly plane. To see everything from this soul perspective can greatly ease the discomfort of life’s drama.

When something unwanted comes into our lives, it is generally because we have been thinking negatively and drawing all sorts of stressful scenarios our way. I know it is part of being human to feel negative thoughts and emotions at times but it is important to check ourselves before we head into a complete spiral of negativity that can last weeks and even years. This is a place that can feel very familiar and even comforting to a lot of us and then we wonder why our lives are not going in the direction that we would like.  By being aware of our thoughts and steering them in a more positive direction can really alter how our everyday lives turn out. Also by seeing things from the soul’s approach and knowing that everything we struggle with in life is just a learning experience, and if we could try to gain as much insight as possible from each experience, then it will make living and being on planet earth much more manageable. 🙂

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